Millennial Beauty Routines & Buying Habits

Gain Valuable Insight into the Routines & Buying Habits of Your Beauty Consumers

Millennial Beauty ResearchDid you know that 60% of millennials purchase products based on price compared to only 38% of baby boomers?

This research report will provide valuable insight into the beauty routines and buying habits that drive your audience to point of purchase.


  • What beauty products are millennials buying
  • The role of technology in purchasing decisions
  • How becoming a mom changes beauty routines

Featured Insights:

  • 60% of millennials purchase products based on price
  • 39% of millennials use coupon codes to purchase health and beauty items in the U.S.—versus 26% of Gen Xers or 15% of Baby Boomers
  • 42% of beauty buyers test beauty products in store, then make purchases online or on mobile
  • 63% of beauty buyers say that their mobile decide is a resource for finding product information while in store
  • 60% of women changed their beauty routine when they became a mom
  • Corporate-working millennials moms are 9 times more likely to research lipstick than stay-at-home millennial moms

But wait....there's more! Millennials tend to share their beauty "tricks of the trade" in three ways—and those reviews matter when you're trying to reach buyers. Discover those three key statistics and more in Millennial Beauty Routings & Buying Habits, and let us help you create a better, more beautiful campaign approach.

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