Digital Habits of Millennial Moms

Gain Valuable Insight into how Millennial Moms
Interact Online 

screen-1.jpgDid you know that 41% of U.S. women in their first pregnancy are interested in seeing ads related to items they searched for?

This research report provides valuable insight into the digital habits and online influence of millennial moms, and how to optimize your outreach and marketing strategy to tap into their market.

The millennial mom market is growingand their behavior online suggests an accelerating upward trend you don't want to miss out on.


  • What devices millennial moms favor—and how often they use them
  • How their social media use is shaping the online marketplace
  • What types of ads catch their attention
  • Why they're logging in online 

Featured Insights

  • 8 in 10 millennial moms use their phones for shopping while in store to influence their purchase
  • 100% of millennial moms polled said they follow brands on social media—nearly twice as much as non-mom millennials
  • 90% of millennial moms use Facebook—more than all other mom demographics
  • 63% of millennial moms use YouTube—the preferred social platform of Gen Z
  • Millennial moms spend an average of 17.4 hours per week on social platforms using an average of 3/4 social media accounts
  • Millennial moms share more about the following than other moms: clothing, health & beauty, home goods, websites, financial investments/services, and life insurance coverage.

The millennial mom trends don't stop there! With all of the screen time and ads competing for attention, how can you expect to catch her eye? The answer appears to be three-fold. Discover the top three ways to reach millennial moms online and other exclusive insights.

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