The Power of Product Sampling and Couponing

Gain Valuable Insight into the Power of Product Sampling and Couponing


Did you know that 92% of customers will try a product sample—and 53% purchase the product they sampled?

This research report provides valuable insight into how samples and coupons maximize customer spending, and how to leverage brand marketing using an effective sampling strategy.


  • How samples lead customers to purchase
  • When brands see sales lifts from samples—and for how long
  • Which coupons prove most effective by demographic
  • How sampling is evolving in 2018

Featured Insights:

  • 77% of customers say that receiving a product sample would motivate them to try another from that brand
  • 42% of customers have switched their brand preference based on samples they tried
  • 56% of customers like product samples because they're looking for alternatives
  • 62% of customers said sampling a product is the most effective way to get them to try a brand
  • 81% of customers said they would try a product after receiving a sample
  • 75% of customers have become aware of a product by sampling
  • 7 in 10 millennial moms are willing to try a new product
  • Over 6 in 10 millennial moms are willing to try a new brand after receiving a new sample
  • 95% of millennial moms use coupons

But that's not all! Discover how product sampling pays off over time—we know the average sales lift caused by samples the day of a sampling event and after a 20-week period. Which coupon formats do Genz Z, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials use? There's only one way to find out.

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